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Successful Job Interview Preparation is All About Detail

"For want of a nail… the battle was lost…" Benjamin Franklin


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            I.      Interview Performance Anxiety!

         II.      Preparing for Your Job Interview from 3 Distinct Angles

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Job Interview Information Seekers are motivated by:


Interview Performance Anxiety!


And How They Can Solve It, Pronto


With failure not an option, are you ready to face your wife or husband with some lame excuse why you DIDN’t get the job? It’ll only wash if you can show you prepared for the interview like the Devil himself was chasing you and you lost out to a far superior candidate. The latter sounds like a good story. Right?


Now, define for me “superior candidate”.


Don’t tell me about “talent”.

Don’t tell me about “experience”.

Don’t tell me about “education”.

Don’t tell me about…


Reality Testing #1 – Books, articles, stories are filled with legends of lesser candidates getting jobs over superior candidates. Why?


Tell me about your preparation that tells-and-sells the greatest “superior candidate” on the planet – you! Then you’ll know why.


It’s not about “superior candidate”, it’s about “superior marketing” you!



Facing Your Job Interview In a Nutshell:


  • Problem – Are you facing a career change by choice or necessity? Waiting is the food for fear and anxiety.


  • Action – Are you gathering job interview specific educational tips to help resolve your personal interview anxiety issues? Are you?


  • Preparation – Are you gathering tips to help you knead your interview like you would knead bread dough to create a most appealing you? Now bake (prepare) to a mouthwatering aroma. A top baker will create a number of recipes before settling on “perfection”. Is your job interview preparation creation anything less?


  • Tell-to-Sell – Buyers chose fresh bread by sight, by aroma and that secret little squeeze for freshness. Choice is based on expectations, prior experience, hunger and emotional intangibles. Have you knead your job interview preparation to satisfy your interviewer’s emotional hunger?


  • Superior Marketing – Your employer can’t do a “taste test” until after hiring you. Make yourself so attractive during your interview that it takes the risk of hiring you out of the hiring equation. Sweet aroma! :)



Welcome To Our World of Unusual Job Interview Techniques and Tips…


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